Bashas Near Me

Saving you from all the troubles, Bashas near me is your alternative to inconvenient and time-taking shopping. The best and affordable products are available at Bashas locations, that’s why it’s highly popular among the customers.

The company is owned by Basha family and the first Bashas store was opened in 1932 in Goodyear, Arizona. The company is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona and as of now, the company has around 9,085 employees. Bashas is a store chain that operates mainly in Arizona. The company also operates in Crownpoint, New Mexico. The company has a total of 118 locations with 117 stores located in Arizona whereas one store is located in Crownpoint, New Mexico.

Bashas locations are your go-to place to shop all the things you need for your daily life. They provide complete grocery items with the best quality and cheap rates. It has 4 major store formats i.e. Bashas’, AJ’s Fine Foods, Bashas Dine, and Food City. It is a chain of traditional grocery stores. AJ’s fine foods are specialty and gourmet stores.

Bashas Dine provides products like Bluebird flour for fry bird, wool, and mutton. The markets are located on Navajo stations. Bashas acquired food city in 1993. The customers offered with ethnic and Hispanic food choices at Food City locations.

Bashas’ Cub House

One other important feature of Bashas near me is the Bashas’ cub house. It’s a play center for children of ages between 2 ½ and 10 years. It is completely free and supervised by the trained staff. The idea of the cub is to provide your kids with a playground to spend the time in the best way while you are shopping in the store. The staff at the cub house is highly experienced and takes the best care of your child.

The cub house can only be used by Bashas’ shoppers while they are shopping. A kid is allowed to spend time at the center for a maximum of 90 minutes. But, that’s all it would take you to shop the necessary things. To get your kid into the center you need to fill out a registration form. Any of the members of the house can help you with this. Take the form, fill it, and return it and you will be registered.

Bashas Pharmacy

Bashas’ pharmacy is a great feature provided by Bashas. The company is committed to promoting better health and hygiene routine and helping people with getting in their best health. It has more than 30 pharmacy store located around Arizona and there is a great chance you might have one near you. It offers 3.99 dollars medication plan so you can fill your prescriptions while you are shopping. Also it accepts most major insurances.

To help people with their health and well-being they also offer health screenings and immunizations throughout the year.

Bashas locations near me are the one solution to all your shopping needs. Track one location around you and make use of its great offers.

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