CAM International Market Near Me

Shop traditional Asian grocery products and more at CAM International Market near me and enjoy their excellent service as well. The Asian supermarket chain has stores in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.

The company began its operations in 1997, when the founder started selling Chinese foods and groceries in Columbus, Ohio. His customers were mostly graduate students, professors, and scholars who were living in the state as first-generation immigrants. His goal was to satisfy the grocery needs of Chinese immigrant families living there, as the existing supermarkets failed to meet their needs. He also wanted to introduce Asian food culture to American citizens.

CAM International Market Near Me

CAM International Market Near Me

Very soon, the company started selling products from China including gifts kitchenware, and food products to non-Chinese clients. The company continued to grow and expand the customer base, and today it’s serving the second and third-generation citizens, both Asian and non-Asian. They expanded the product mix as well and started offering thousands of items from countries including Indonesia, India, China, Korea, and Thailand.

They provide a range of products at competitive prices including dry food, bakery, snacks, onsite prepared food, and Asian books. The company has combined the traditional Asian Food Industry with modern technology and an excellent management system. They also have an uncompromising quality control system. Furthermore, they make sure that every step, from product transportation to display on the shelves, follows the operation standards. They also give huge importance to good customer service. There respond quickly to customers’ concerns and make sure that they are satisfied with every aspect of their business.

The company wants to offer only the best products, this is why they only source products from reputable suppliers. They source produce from California farms, meat products from Chicago, and seafood items from the Boston area and New York.

All the stores are located in big shopping centers and have a large parking place. The stores are neat and comfortable and offer a great shopping environment. The company is not only serving the customers but the community as well. It promotes Asian food cultures, distributes informational materials, and makes charity to local organizations.

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