Not many convenience stores offer health and beauty products, but CEFCO near me is different in this regard. The founder started the business with just one fuel station. Despite a humble beginning, the company was set to achieve great success, thanks to the incredible vision and passion for the success of the founder. In the 90s, he began to grow the business, and about a decade later, the company was operating dozens of convenience stores. All the stores were located in Texas.



Later, the company also began to acquire other brands, which enable it to operate more stores in Texas as well as in other states. Today, it operates convenience stores in six states including Florida and Texas. It’s still focused on building new stores and acquiring other businesses, but it has not strayed from its true mission, which is to offer the best customer experience, every day.

Doesn’t matter why you stop at any of their locations, they do their best to ensure your needs are met. All of their stores are clean and brightly lit. Their stores also have clean restrooms. Finding clean public restrooms can be a challenge, but if you make a stop at their location, you won’t have to face this challenge.

The company has been selling fuel for several decades, so it knows how to deliver the best quality gasoline and diesel fuel. They also understand the importance of providing products at competitive prices, which is why they have partnered with major fuel suppliers. The company ensures its customers get quality fuel and it doesn’t contribute to pollution by using advanced electronic systems. Customers only want to put the best fuel in their vehicles and this is what they would get at CEFCO.

If you are looking for an easy way to pay for fuel purchases and save in the meantime, you should get their EasyPay card. You can use this card to pay in-store and at the pump, where you would receive instant price rollback. The card can be activated easily and you can manage your account online. You can also get cards for your family members.

They provide a fleet card as well, which is the perfect solution for small and large businesses both. Using this card, you can manage fuel expenses easily and save on your purchases. With online card management, you would be able to keep track, set limits, and more. Furthermore, use the gift cards to pay for fuel, food, and other products. To get the gift cards, you need to visit a local store.

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