FastLane Gas Station Near Me

Meeting fueling and convenience needs, FastLane Gas Station near me is bringing more ease into the lives of customers. It all started when First Capitol Oil was started by R.G. and Betty Baker. Initially, they only sold lubes and fuel oil, but later, they purchased their first service station.

FastLane Gas Station Near Me

FastLane Gas Station Near Me

A few years later, they bought the Warrenton Oil Company, which became the parent company for their initial brand. Less than a decade later, they expanded the company westward by making an acquisition and continued to make acquisitions and add new stations. All the children of the founders are involved with the company. The company owns a convenience store chain, an oil company, a restaurant, and more.

They allow their customers to join a rewards program, called the Kickback Rewards Program. After joining this program, you will earn redeemable points for making purchases at participating locations. You can get the card from any participating merchant and then you can enroll your card. You can earn and redeem points at any location of those brands.

Furthermore, you can join the program for free and there is no card fee as well. You can also check your points balance by visiting any participating location. You can redeem the points by swiping your card at checkout, but keep in mind that you can’t redeem the points for cash.

FastLane Gas Station offers truck wash services, suitable for trailers, semi-trucks, fuel tankers, and more. You can either opt for express wash attended or express wash unattended. Free off-leash dog parks are also offered by the company at two locations and dog wash is offered at two locations.

If you are looking for a rewarding job, your search might be over. It’s a results-driven company that believes in empowering employees. You can explore a range of careers and find your perfect fit. The family-owned business is rapidly growing, so you can expect rapid career growth as well. You can look for jobs in maintenance, corporate office, or transportation. You may also look for job opportunities in their hotels. As an employee, you would receive a big discount on each gallon of gas that you purchase. Part-time employees might not receive some of the benefits. You can also stop at their stores for food or coffee. The featured brands include Hunt Brothers Pizza and Chester’s.

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