Fastrac Near Me

Instead of an inconvenience pit stop, Fastrac near me is a desirable destination for all motorists. Plenty of savings opportunities are available to the consumers including different cards. We will begin by talking about the Pay With Cash Card, which allows you to turn on the pump and set it to the current discount. When you are using this card, you don’t have to pre-pay. First, you can fill your car tank and then pay with cash to get the discount.

Fastrac Near Me

Fastrac Near Me

The discount you would get every day on each gallon is 10 cents. You can get the card for free, and there is no membership fee as well. It can be used at all of their stores, and you will get a full member discount. When you get the card, it can be used immediately. You can also join SmartPay rewards, and get the same discount and earn more rewards.

Furthermore, you can benefit from contact-free shopping options that include curbside and pumpside pickup. With monthly promotions, you can save even more. Businesses can also join this rewards program and save on gas every day. They will also be provided with an online business portal that would allow them to manage their business, view transaction history and savings, track usage, and set limits. Unlimited drivers can be added to a single account.

You can also get an AAA card, which is available in three variations: basic, plus, and premier. Though the discount offered on gas purchases is the same, an additional benefit is that you would also get 10% off in-store purchases. You will also get travel accident insurance and car rental reimbursement. There are many other benefits of joining AAA as well, which you can explore on Fastrac platform.

Small or large businesses that operate vehicles can become fleet members. You will enjoy a full-featured fleet card service including discounts on fuel. The services include accounting reports, 24/7 customer service and a rebate program. You will get online account access to manage vehicles and fuel purchases.

If you are a supplier and you want Fastrac to sell your products in their stores, or you want them to carry a product, you can contact them. You have to be sure that you can offer great customer service to them and that your product has the necessary UPC information. They offer ethanol-free gas, which has higher fuel efficiency. Ethanol-mixed gas is harmful to the engine, whereas ethanol-free gas is less harmful to the engine.

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