Flash Foods Near Me

By providing different ways to save, Flash Foods near me rewards its loyal customers. Flash Foods founder purchased a small grocery store and soon started expanding the business, and opened multiple stores. They acquired a wholesale grocery distribution center, which supplied products to the stores.

Flash Foods Near Me

Flash Foods Near Me

The company kept growing by acquiring many Kwickie Food Stores. They also purchased Frazier Oil which eventually merged with Fuel South. Flash Foods would distribute fuel to their locations. His sons joined the company as well and it continued to prosper.

His sons ran the company in a great way and made it an industry leader. The company was owned by the family for decades, but a few years ago, CST Brands acquired it. CST Brands is an industry-leading brand and one of the biggest independent retailers in the region.

They offer three reward cards. You would save on all fuel purchases. You can get a card from any Circle K or Flash Foods location. After that, you can link your checking account to the rewards card and it would act as a debit card. If you are a member of the previous program, you would get the new card in the mail.

The rewards in a flash card offers a quick way to save and earn rewards. You would get cashback on food and merchandise purchases and special discounts on select items. You can also join the clubs and get products for free and gain entries into contests and sweepstakes.

Get a Flash Foods rewards card from their store and your membership would be activated immediately. You can start enjoying the benefits as soon as you get the card.

With this paperless registration, you don’t have to fill out a paper application or an online application. Their fleet payment card is an ideal payment solution for businesses. When you use this card to pay for fuel, you would get a discount on each gallon.

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