GoMart Near Me

Don’t miss out on great reward opportunities offered by GoMart near me, which can help you save big. The founders started the business more than a century ago, and initially, they only supplied fuel. A few decades later, the first convenience store was opened; it had a store and several gas pumps. Currently, the company has stores in four states, and it’s aiming to serve customers for another 100 years.

GoMart Near Me

GoMart Near Me

A few years ago, they launched their rewards program which enables customers to enjoy great benefits for shopping in their stores. The benefits rewards members receive include discounts on different products, a special birthday bonus, and discounts on fuel. Customers who visit their stores more will receive more benefits. If you make more than 20 visits in a month, you will get a fuel discount, two free beverages, and bonus points on your birthday. Remember that if you make up to three visits in a month, you won’t receive a discount on fuel. So, make as many visits as you can and shop up as much as you can so you can enjoy amazing benefits.

To join the program, you can sign up easily and this process doesn’t take much time. You will get a card which you have to register, otherwise, you won’t earn points. The points you receive for your purchases can be used to get discounts or free products.

The points you earn will never expire, but if your account remains inactive for a year, the point will be removed. The members will enjoy special prices on selected everyday products. You will enjoy the special prices without using any coupon, and your tier status doesn’t matter as well.

GoMart claims it’s committed to offering high-quality fuel to customers at the lowest price. You can also get diesel fuel pumps at their locations.

Furthermore, it offers a game called Pigskin Scratch to Win, which customers can play and win free gas, gift cards, and more products. As the brand is the official convenience store of West Virginia University Athletics, it offers an opportunity to win WVU gameday prizes as well.

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