Haffner’s Gas Station Near Me

With auto-delivery from Haffner’s Gas Station near me, you can ensure you never run low on propane. The company began as a small filling station and soon the founding couple’s daughter began operating the business. She included kerosene and oil home delivery. They have also begun the process of redesigning their locations.

Haffner's Gas Station Near Me

Haffner’s Gas Station Near Me

Haffner’s allows you to get rewarded for referring new propane customers. Through their propane referral program, you will receive account credits. To participate in this program, you don’t necessarily have to be a propane customer. Heating oil and propane customers both can enjoy the benefits of this program. You can refer to commercial customers or consumers, but you will earn a bigger reward for commercial referrals. Keep in mind that you will only earn the reward when your referrals sign up for propane.

If you know anyone who is looking for a propane supplier, you can suggest Haffner’s to them. You can mention the benefits it offers like contactless delivery to make them interested. If you need heating oil, you can order it online. You can also sign up for automatic delivery and automatic payments.

With automatic fuel delivery, you would never run out of heating oil. Whenever you need a delivery, they would deliver the oil and they will know when you need more fuel based on your history and the temperature. If you use the automatic fuel delivery service, you won’t have to constantly check your bulk tank gauge and worry about running out of oil.

They also provide easy and safe payment options to ensure your seamless fuel delivery. Budget plans are also offered, and you can learn about them online.

The company offers a range of propane solutions including cooling systems and fireplaces. HVAC services are offered, and whether you need equipment or installation service, you can count on them. Different plans are offered including the base service plan and kick service plan.

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