High’s Dairy Store Near Me

There are many ways to feed your fried chicken cravings, but High’s Dairy Store near me is better than many. Originally, it was an ice cream store and when Capital Milk Producers Cooperative acquired the company, the chain grew immensely and became the largest ice cream store chain. A few years ago, Carroll independent fuel company bought High’s and started to rebuild the brand.

High's Dairy Store Near Me

High’s Dairy Store Near Me

A rewards program is offered, so the customer can enjoy more of their products and services. The members will get personalized rewards for the products they buy often. Make sure you visit often, so you can get more surprises. It works simply, when you buy 5 products, you get one for free.

You will also have member-only access to offers and you will be the first to receive updates about new offerings. By upgrading to Carroll Pay, you can also save on every gallon of fuel. Customers can get the card from their stores and then enroll in the program online. The rewards program is completely secure, as it’s managed by ZipLine. Their highly trained professionals monitor and respond to threats. Weekly deals are also provided that let you get items for discounts. You can check out these promotions and offers on High’s Dairy Store platform.

Furthermore, they have maintained a family-oriented culture where every team member feels valued and is provided with opportunities to grow. The benefits they offer include career advancement, low-cost health insurance, and paid time off. You can see the current job openings online, along with job details and descriptions, and apply for a job from the same platform.

Their menu includes ice cream and milkshakes, for which they use only high-quality ingredients. A range of flavors is offered including vanilla and chocolate. They make fried chicken the way it’s supposed to be made. It’s made daily to ensure freshness and their special recipe ensures you would always want more.

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