Island Pacific Supermarket Near Me

Be rewarded with super savings when you got to Island Pacific Supermarket near me for purchasing the products. The supermarket chain has around 16 stores in two states. Their supermarkets offer products from departments including grocery, meat, seafood, produce, and frozen foods. You can find high-quality products, and if you are making Filipino cuisine, you will find all the ingredients for it.

Island Pacific Supermarket Near Me

Island Pacific Supermarket Near Me

The company was founded in 2000, and its first store was opened in Panorama City. It’s not only serving the Filipino community for over 21 years, but it’s also promoting Filipino food. This is why they make sure that they only offer the finest products in their stores because when it comes to Filipino cooking, you cannot compromise with ingredients.

Through Filipino food, it wants to showcase and promote the country’s culture to the world. They care a lot about their customers and treat them with respect. They prioritize their customers’ health and safety over making profits.

Island Pacific Supermarket rewards its customers by allowing them to earn points for their purchases. When you join their rewards program, you will be provided with a card. You can redeem them for additional savings in the store or use them to purchase a qualifying item for a discount. If you forget to bring your card with you, you can contact customer service and they will issue the points to your account.

If you lose your Island Pacific card, they will provide you with a replacement and your existing points will be transferred to a new card. You can check your point balance in three ways: use your online account, see the bottom of your recent receipt, or ask the cashier to scan your card. You can use a coupon only once and you can’t combine digital coupons and paper coupons.

To make it easier for you to shop, the brand allows you to shop the products online. You can easily order the products from their platform and have them delivered to your home.

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