Jiffy Mart Near Me

If you are driving by and need a spot for snacks or gas, Jiffy Mart near me is a good place for that. Not everyone wants to shop at large supermarkets where every employee always seems to be busy. Many customers prefer a neighborhood store, with which they can connect, and where the employees know their names. They want to be greeted with a smile and helped with anything they need. The brand offers them such an environment and makes sure they always get what they need.

Jiffy Mart Near Me

Jiffy Mart Near Me

Their locations also have gas pumps, ATMs, and Amazon lockers. For each of their location, they have given the address, phone number, and store hours on Jiffy Mart platform. When you visit any of their locations for the first time, it’s important that you first see this information. This way you would know whether or not that location offers what you are looking for.

With their rewards program, you can shop across their brands and enjoy several benefits. You will get free items at several brands, earn points for your purchases at the pump and in-store, and save on gas and in-store purchases. If you spend more, you will also enjoy double point days every year.

As a member, you will also get a big discount on fuel on your first fill-up. This is a great program that you should consider joining. It’s different from many other programs, as it allows you to shop and save at different brands.

The company wants the customers to fall in love with their food products with the very first bite. The coffee is ground on the spot and takes less than a minute.

They also operate a truck stop, which also features their restaurant. If you are driving a long distance and you come across their truck stop, you should take a break and freshen up. You can rest, take a shower, refuel your vehicle, and get the necessary supplies for your journey.

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