Lassens Natural Foods Near Me

By combining specialist skills, products, and foods, Lassens Natural Foods near me helps people become as healthy as possible. The company was founded by Oda and even though she was a grandmother at that time and didn’t have much experience running a business, her desire to serve the communities made her overcome the challenges. She started this business to not only offer healthier products but to educate the community and help them to live a healthy life. Her children continued her legacy and owned and managed the stores. Every store offers 100% certified organic produce and many of the stores also have a full-service deli. Every store also have a supplement section managed by knowledgeable staff.

Lassens Natural Foods Near Me

Lassens Natural Foods Near Me

For people who take their health seriously, healthy fruits and drinks are a must and this is what their deli department offers you. Whether you are following a vegan diet or gluten-free, they have the healthiest and most delicious products for you. From hot and cold sandwiches to fresh organic juice and organic tea, you will have a great choice of items. You can see the complete deli menu on Lassens Natural Foods platform.

An online delivery service is also offered, using which you can get the item delivered or pick them up. From bulk foods and groceries to meat and produce, all the products that are available in their stores can be bought online as well. They also offer different products for weight management including oils, green tea. If you want to lose weight, these products can be very useful. When you select any product, you will be able to see its ingredients.

If you want to give a gift to someone, gift cards are recommended, especially if you have no idea what to buy. If you purchase something that isn’t wanted, it would be a waste of money and time. But, by giving the gift card, you are making sure that the receiver is able to purchase the things they need. You wouldn’t have to feel stressed while finding a gift and you will be giving a thoughtful and flexible gift.

The brand hosts different events each year, including an anniversary event and an earth day event, where they offer buy one, get one on a huge selection of products. If you want to get special offers and deals, you can join their community plus program. After you are enrolled, you will get weekly special, exclusive offers and promotions, a monthly coupon, and cashback for every purchase.

Unlike many other supermarkets, Lassens publishes monthly sales flyers, instead of weekly flyers. The flyer contains the deals and offers for the whole month, so it offers a great opportunity to save throughout the month.

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