Lassus Handy Dandy Near Me

Being short on time is no problem at Lassus Handy Dandy near me, which is the perfect stop for the whole family. The Founder sold his coal business and built a gas station. A few years later, his sons joined the company and added more gas stations, and hired automotive service mechanics. The brothers also started the wholesale fuel oil distribution business. The third generation took charge and expanded the retail gasoline business.

Lassus Handy Dandy Near Me

Lassus Handy Dandy Near Me

Lassus Handy Dandy also began to target new fuel markets including wholesale gasoline. They kept building service stations and were ready to start a new business, a convenience store chain. They opened a convenience store to meet the needs of the community and offered fuel and a variety of items in convenient locations. Today it has stores in Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana and offers quality fuel and convenience.

There are not many convenience stores that offer as many savings opportunities as Lassus Handy Dandy. LASSUSGO is their all-new rewards program, redesigned to offer you more savings. Members will earn points for every eligible purchase and use the points to get a discount on fuel. They also let you earn bonus points by purchasing special items. You will also get bonus rewards for anniversaries and birthdays. Members will also get sweepstakes entries that will offer them opportunities to win prizes. From your online account, you can access reward summaries, point totals, and other information.

You don’t have to pay at the gas pump or inside the store. Furthermore, you will save on each gallon instantly at the pump, every day. You will get the LASSUSGO Debit + Rewards card that you need to register and link to your checking account. After that, you can pay for your purchases and earn instant rewards. Every transaction is protected, and your personal data is not shared. The account can be managed online, and you can add additional cards at no cost. You will also receive an email receipt after a purchase.

They also offer credit cards for both personal and commercial use. You can use it at all of their locations and pay for all your purchases. If you get a commercial credit card, you will have better control over fuel usage. It will make managing fuel expenses easier by offering control and complete information.

You can also get the loadable and reloadable cash card and enjoy the same savings. Furthermore, you would enjoy exclusive team member discounts on products, weekly pay, flexible schedules, and more benefits.

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