Mike’s Car Wash Near Me

An underbody wash from Mike’s Car Wash near me can help clean the bottom of the car. When it was founded, it was Indiana’s first automatic carwash. It took the founders more than two decades to open the second location because they wanted to do it right. They had to make sure they are ready to expand the business.

Mike's Car Wash Near Me

Mike’s Car Wash Near Me

The second location was converted to an exterior-only wash because they understood that the customer can’t spend much time on a car wash. Later, the second generation took the charge of the company. You should know that it is one of the best employers and has received many awards and recognitions.

Mike’s Car Wash chooses the best candidates and offers them rewarding careers. Not only do the employees receive good pay, but they also get monthly incentives for brilliant performances. Through their Ultimate Reds Double Header, you can get a discount on their top washes. You can make use of this offer only on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have you been going to a car wash service provider that offers only one package? If yes, then it’s time for you to switch to Mike’s Car Wash. During winter, which brings with it sand, snow, and road salt, you need to go for an underbody wash. It will remove dirt and salt from the underbody of the car. It will help you keep your vehicle in its very best shape and achieve its long-lasting life span. If you want to be efficient, a premium car wash like Mike’s Car Wash does a better job than a DIY wash. Furthermore, you can customize the wash to your vehicle’s needs.

Their Ultimate+ Ceramic wash is a perfect option during summer. There are a total of 5 packages and separate products or services are also offered, including tire shine and clear coat. If you wash your vehicle before 9:00 a.m., you can save big.

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