Pacific Pride Gas Station Near Me

Reap all the advantages of fueling at Pacific Pride Gas Station near me which helps you gain control and efficiency within your fleet. It’s not like your regular gas station and apart from fuel and lubricants, most of its locations don’t offer other products and services. You will also see no staff at their stations.

Pacific Pride Gas Station Near Me

Pacific Pride Gas Station Near Me

They offer a Pride Advantage fueling program that suits your needs and offers great security controls and online account access. Customers get a membership card and they make all transactions through it, and if they face any problem they can use the emergency call boxes. They allow you to get a card for each driver or vehicle, and offer 24-hour automated access to their fueling stations.

As you only need one fuelling card, you get a single detailed invoice. It enables you to easily manage your fuel purchases. You can establish a profile for each driver and set up fuelling times, product controls, and purchase limits. The control includes per transaction limits, unique driver identification numbers, and per-day transaction limits.

If you want to keep ahead of the competition, it’s important that you manage your fleet fuel expenses properly. But, if you rely on manual tracking of fuel purchases, you will often run into problems. A fleet fueling program can help you get better control of your fleet.

The fact that their stores are different from regular gas stations doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t find them clean or modern. Whether you are looking for fuel after hours or on weekends, you would find it at their stations and you would be able to refuel your car in no time, as there are rarely any lines.

A network access card is provided to every vehicle. The card is encoded with security and billing numbers and restrictions according to your purchasing policies. You can monitor the buying habits of your drivers and take control of it. You wouldn’t have to worry about any unauthorized purchases or lost receipts.

Though many companies offer credit cards that can be used to purchase anything, drivers can only buy motor oil or fuel with their cards. This offers more purchasing control and reduces the flow of cash. They provide a detailed statement that includes the driver’s identification, type of product, vehicle and purchase details, and unit price. It’s important to better manage your fuel purchases, but you also have to reduce fleet fuel costs.

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