REI Near Me

For purchasing sporting goods REI store locations are your ideal choice. REI is an American company that produces sporting goods and outdoor gears. Once you have figure out REI near me you would be able to make best use of it.

The motto of REI is that a life outdoors is a life well-lived. When people spend some time away from their house its one of the best experiences for them. When they live close to nature it gives them the opportunity to find their best selves. REI help people in this regard and help them in exploring themselves. REI is a big American retailer and has 154 retail stores in 36 states. It provides you everything you need to live an adventurous life away from your home.

REI Near Me

REI Near Me

Also it provides you complete guide related to camping and hiking. It provides you with articles that explain what you need to know as a beginner. What things you should first learn. How you can choose the destination. What stuff you need for your journey. What clothes you should wear and how you can plan your trip.

It also provides you with complete buying guides and helps you in choosing sleeping pads, flashlights, backpacking stove, headlamps, and other stuff that you need. When you know REI store near me you can purchase all these products easily for cheap prices.

REI is also your ideal retailer if you love climbing or cycling. It provides you will all the materials that you need for climbing and cycling. If you are interested in Mountaineering then it will provide you with all the types of equipment, clothes, and gears you need. You can read reviews about the products to choose the best that fit your needs. You can also read the articles related to mountaineering that will explain how you can begin. Also you will get the basic knowledge and will be able to make this experience great.

If you are planning to go for ice climbing or rock climbing then it will provide you with everything you need. You can learn from the number of articles. These articles are really helpful especially if you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge related to ice climbing and rock climbing. You can buy all the stuff you need for climbing from just one store.

Anyone who loves cycling will love the products provided by REI to them. Whether they are a mountain biking lover or road cycling lover it not only provides them with complete guide but also provides them will all the equipment they need. It allows people to purchase cycles, water bottles, and tents at discounted prices. They can also purchase footwear, jackets, and bags and make use of the deals.

To get all these benefits you need to have the knowledge of REI near me. You can go to the store and purchase the items you need or you can purchase from the online outlets. But you first need to get the answer of REI store near me.

REI Membership

If you get REI membership it would be of great benefit to you. To get the membership you need to be an active member. You will have to pay 20 dollar membership fee and you also need to purchase merchandise from REI of $10 or more in a given time.

The membership is extremely beneficial. It will allow you to purchase returned, used, damaged products at fewer rates at its use gear sales. There are other benefits of membership as well as you will get rock wall access at stores that feature indoor climbing walls. You will also get discounts on rentals, shop services, adventure trips, and deals on shipping charges. If you are a member you will receive exclusive coupons throughout the year. These coupons will give you 20% off on different items. You can also get discounts on different classes and tours. The discount is usually up to 20%.

As a member, you will receive a $20 bonus card that you can redeem instantly. It can be redeemed at online stores or REI store locations in your city.

It also allows you to be part of its tours, classes, and events. You can be part of different activities like climbing, cycling, hiking, paddling, etc. All you need to do is search for activities near you, lookup for the dates and enroll yourself.

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