Saks Fifth Avenue Near Me

If you prefer shopping from luxury stores then Saks Fifth Avenue near me should be your next choice. It is a chain of luxury department stores and has got everything you have on your shopping list.

The brand provides a complete shopping range for men, women, juniors, and kids. You can buy items from clothes to shoes to jewelry and accessories. You can also purchase makeup items, bath and body items, personal care, and hair care items. But that’s not all; you can buy products for your home too including bedding, furniture, home décor, electronics, kitchen essentials, dining, and entertainment.

Saks Fifth Avenue Near Me

Saks Fifth Avenue Near Me

Besides, the company also provides other services like virtual shopping, in which you can do shopping via video call, and shopping appointments.

Customers can get a credit card and not only improve the shopping experience but earn rewards as well. The brand offers two credit cards, Saks Fifth Avenue Store Card and  Saks Fifth Avenue World Elite Mastercard. If you get a store card, you can earn points for all your purchases at Saks and you can redeem the points for gift cards. When you have earned 2500 Points, you can redeem them to get a $25 Gift Card.

The World Elite Mastercard can be used at Saks and outside Saks, and the points you earn for your purchase can be redeemed to get gift cards. If you use it at spas, salons, restaurants, and gas stations, you can earn extra points. When you use any of these cards and spend up to up to $5k a year, you can earn 2 Points per Dollar. Similarly, if you spend $5k–$10k, $10k–$25k, and more than $25k per year, you will earn 4 Points, 6 Points, and 6 points per dollar simultaneously.

You will also get other benefits if you use their cards for shopping including getting early access to fashion events and private sales. When you get the card, you must create an online account, so can manage your credit card.

You can create an online account by providing information like name, email, and phone number. After that, you can use the email and password to log in to the account. If you want to check your order status, you can do it online. You will have to enter the order number and billing ZIP, or postal code and you will be shown the order status.

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