Stuckey’s Near Me

If you think your store is missing candies, Stuckey’s near me offers its famous candies to all the retailers. It started as a roadside pecan stand and initially, only pecan, local honey, and souvenirs were sold.

Stuckey's Near Me

Stuckey’s Near Me

Though the company’s beginning was very humble, through sheer hard work and productivity, they made it a popular roadside attraction. They decided to fulfill other needs of travelers as well and added restaurant service and began offering other food for travelers. They added gasoline pumps, a souvenir section, and clean restrooms.

As the company was growing rapidly, it became hard for the family to manage such a large business, they merged the brand with another company. At its peak, it had stores in more than 30 states, but the company began to dwindle after the company was bought by a conglomerate that began to close its stores.

Later, it was acquired by the founder’s son and today his daughter is serving as the CEO. They also have an online store and offer their products to around 194 retailers. They also have a guest book on Stuckey’s platform, where people share their fond memories associated with their stores. Furthermore, you can read the comments and see how this store was an important part of many people’s lives.

Their products are popular nationwide, especially their iconic Pecan Log Roll that’s loved by many. If you want to sell their products in your candy store, truck stop, or convenience store, it’s possible.

If you want to access the catalog and product pricing information, you need a wholesale account. You can submit a request for the wholesale account from the Stuckey’s platform. Furthermore, you can read the letter written by the CEO, in which she has talked about the company’s history, its founding principles, and the commitments they have made to ensure their customers can have a fun and quality experience in their stores.

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