Tesoro Gas Station Near Me

Oversee your fleet using the tools by Tesoro Gas Station near me, which are convenient and effective. One big concern for any business, whether small or large is fuel costs. You have to regularly make decisions regarding this and the decisions become very important when operations costs rise.

Tesoro Gas Station Near Me

Tesoro Gas Station Near Me

When you have a fleet of vehicles, your management decisions can be very impactful. Whether you operate in a city or deliver goods throughout the country, you can make better decisions by using a fleet management tool. Tesoro Gas Station offers two fleet cards, which are the perfect tools you need to control costs and manage everything easily and effectively.

Tesoro commercial fleet card offers maximum savings, and you would enjoy great savings every time you make a purchase at any of their locations. A great thing about this card is that there are no fees or charges. The universal fleet card doesn’t offer as many savings as the commercial card, but it offers great flexibility. You can use it at not just their locations, but gas stations and service locations throughout the country.

Both of these fleet cards will help you take your business forward and manage your company’s fuel expenses more smartly. A fleet card is a much better option than a regular credit card, as it offers useful tools to manage fuel expenses and reduce risks as well. You would receive a detailed purchase activity report that would include a card number, vehicle description, fuel purchases, and more information. This allows you to track purchases and prevent misuse.

You can ensure money is not wasted by setting purchase limits that work best for you. No driver would be able to make transactions outside the spending limit, this would prevent unauthorized purchases. You would know exactly where the money goes using simple online and mobile tools. You would have access to quick and easy analytics which provide expense tracking and automatic fuel accounting.

Financial and site summaries and tax exemption reports will also be provided. You can view a sample report on Tesoro Gas Station platform, and if you want, you can also create custom reports. They have provided application forms for each card on their platform. If you want to save more, you should get the commercial fleet card, and if you want to be able to use the card at more locations, you can get the universal card.

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