Weis Near Me

Whether you want delicious food items or you want to be a part of wellness club Weis near me is your one-stop for it. There are 206 Weis Market locations serving your needs in the best way. Weis Market is an American food retailer that has stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, and Delaware.

You can buy food items from them as well as groceries. They also sell fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also purchase meat and seafood of high quality at low prices. Not only this, but they also sell bakery items and vitamins, supplements, etc. In short, they sell everything a person needs for a quality life.

For more convenient shopping and more savings, you can get a Weis Shoppers Club Card. This card is perfect for those who purchase items from Weis near me daily. It will let you save money and earn rewards for your purchase. You can also make an online account for your card that would make it even easier to shop and manage your purchase. You will receive emails about new products or when your favorite product will be in stock. From your online account, you can also check your reward points.

Getting the card is pretty easy and you will have to fill a short form. When you get your card you will be able to avail its great benefits. So, go now to Weis Market locations near me and start shopping.

Weis Rewards Program

There is another option for you to save on your daily purchase known as Weis Rewards. This option is a great initiative from the company that is committed to allowing its customers to save maximum amounts. Weis Rewards Program allows you to turn your grocery into rewards. This works very simply, you buy groceries, you earn points and later you can redeem those points.

You will earn 1 Weis rewards point for every 1 dollar that you spend on qualifying purchases. You can also earn rewards point for a prescription. For every qualifying prescription, you will be able to earn 100 Weis rewards points.

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